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About Us

Thirumala Caterers is outfitted with a team of professionals who has astonishing and sumptuous approach in the industry of catering services.

Our team work is known for its fervor, hardship & innovation, who are capable in putting together their culinary and presentation skills and most importantly the way they handle it upto the customer contentment. Our team is an amalgamation of various forms of proficient personnel, which helps us in taking the challenges in various projects as per requisite.

Thirumala Caterers represent a vast culinary journey the world has to offer, keeping in mind the favorite classics we always enjoy, be it the bold flavors of North Indian or the distinctive South. Reckoning the refreshing Chinese, extravagant Malay, splendid Mexican, and no need to say about the exquisite American delicacies.


Founder & CEO

Thirumala Caterers is specialized to cater a verity of events ranging from small to big and enormous. We have been fortunate enough to attract the interest of the leading entities in the market both in the corporate world and government agencies apart from prominent social and community based functionaries. Weather the function is a private affair or a mega event attended by the celebrities of various sectors like sports, entertainment, party circuit and the glitterati, you could experience our presence.